What Kind of Bonuses Can You Expect to Win With Online Bingo

Many online gamblers are attracted to the game of bingo because it is easy to play. You don’t need to learn any rules and game play is fast and straightforward, in fact the website does all the work for you. Another major draw to bingo are the big jackpots. Never has it been so easy to win such big prizes. But just how much can you expect to win?

The biggest free-to-play jackpot was 100,000 GBP. Yep, that’s right you didn’t have to pay a single penny to play but you stood the chance of winning 100,000 GBP. This amazing deal was from Costa Bingo and is by far the biggest of all its bingo bonuses. This was a once off, in celebration of its two-year anniversary, but every Friday you can play its 10,000 GBP bingo game for free too.

Obviously bingo bonuses depend on how many people play and regularly use the bingo site. The biggest bingo bonuses are also the hardest to win, as a bonus of 10,000 GBP will attract many more people than a bonus of 1,000 GBP. So your chances of winning could be reduced from say one in a hundred to one in a thousand.

However, bingo sites give millions of pounds away every month. Although each prize may be small, the total amount can be up to 15 million GBP per month with the largest bingo sites.

The size of bingo bonuses also depends on how much it costs to play and whether there are registration fees. Usually cards cost between 2p and 20p and the odds generally improve as the cost of the card increases.

Bingo bonuses also depend on frequency. Games that can be played at any time of the day usually pay out 10-100 GBP. But games that are run just once a week, such as the Costa Bingo 10,000 GBP Costa Crazy game, tend to offer bigger rewards.

Obviously the site you choose to play bingo on will largely be determined by how much you can win. But you should also take into account how much it costs to register, how many other people are likely to playing a game and whether the site offers any free bingo games and great incentives.

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Get Addicted With Monkey’s Money Slot Game

Monkey’s Money slot game is a game that is not hard to learn. In fact, everything you need to know is right there in front of you. When you press the Spin button, you will randomly get 3 items. The amount you will win is right there in front of you. For example, if one of the items that appear is a banana then you will get 2 coins. However, the monkey is a wild card which means you will get a winning payout if you draw a monkey. Of course, it is never easy to win this game but it is very challenging which is why it can get addicting. The biggest challenge is getting the combination of 3 monkeys because that would enable you to win 3000 coins. It is easy to give up after a few tries but you will be motivated if losing is not in your language.

Rules of Monkey’s Money Slot Game

You can bet a maximum of two coins per spin. The best part about the game is the wild card which is the Monkey. When you draw the monkey, it is possible you will get multiple winning combinations. If that happens, then you will be awarded with the higher prize among the two you just won. If the wild card appears then you are assured of at least one winning combination. The regular winning combinations are always from left to right and never right to left. If you don’t know the number of coins you would win for each combination then all you have to do is check out the payout table. All the payouts you will get are in coins and you can compute the number of credits by multiplying the number of coins by the coins played.

Practice Before Playing Monkey’s Money Slot Game


Some people think practice is not needed for Monkey’s Money slot game but that is where they are wrong. You must practice for this game so you would know how to play it even if you really need luck to win since the combination is randomly chosen. However, you can opt to not practice long. The moment you learn it, you can now play it with money. You can opt to not go for the maximum bet first if you feel today is not your lucky day. If everything has been going right for you today then you can bet a lot of money right away.

Where To Play

You can head over to the site of an online casino so you can play this game. You can even play it with other friends to see which one can win a good prize. You have almost nothing to lose with this game because you don’t really have to bet a big amount. The important thing is you have fun because you will be able to relieve stress that way. If you have fun with this game which is a big possibility then you can play for a long time and you won’t even notice how fast time passes by.

Island Casino Review

Online casinos have been in existence for quite some time now. And the Island Casino has been in the industry since 1997. It has developed different types of gaming options since they have started. A lot of positive reviews have been given to the Island Casino which has been an envy of numerous micro gaming sites. Having a good reputation online is one feature that the Island Casino can boast of.

The Difference

Is there any other micro gaming program where you can do sport betting and casino gaming altogether without the fuss of having to register in 2 separate programs? A lot of people might be oblivious to the fact that Island Casino offers the ease of access to sign up in one process for both. The Island casino also offers winning payouts that match that of physical casinos that we all love to patronize. Imagine an online casino that can match up offers just like that.

Access and Affordability

With the various games housed in the casino, the availability of the following games: blackjacks, baccarat, craps, slot machines, video poker, roulette, and Pai Gow poker, is just a wager away. Sport betting for the following major sporting events like football, basketball, baseball, horse racing, boxing, hockey, baseball, hockey, tennis, soccer, and auto-racing is also available at Island Casino and are affordable. Minimum bets really mean minimum. Unlike other online micro gaming sites that milk you out of your money, the Island Casino offers fair play, all day.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of the Island Casino can be updated. Some of the reviews about the appearance of the different games have been an easy target for comments. Some say that the game looks outdated and that it looks more informative than engaging. The newer programs of the casino are way better than that of the older ones. The feel, as they say is so-so. Nothing very special generally on classic games but the sport betting brings a whole lot of difference. It brings you a different ambiance.

Support and in General

Though chat support is limited for the Island Casino, the people who answer your inquiries and address your complaints are sure to have answers to all your problems. Ask about payouts? Deposits and withdrawals, the Island Casino can definitely give you the answer to all those needs.

In general, the Island Casino has been worthy of four out of five starts from the patrons who have been with them for the past 7-8 years. Even new customers found the Island Casino to be newbie-friendly since they offer special bonuses to new members. Not bad for an institution in the micro gaming business.

The Island Casino even allows you to hone your skills in various playing fields. You can also play in tournaments that are held every one in a while. There are no regular schedules for tournaments and so being a religious player would help you get through the tournaments.

Lastly, since the Island Casino has been an industry pioneer, it is never complicated to start playing. The simplicity or ease of use of the Island Casino works well to its advantage.