What Kind of Bonuses Can You Expect to Win With Online Bingo

Many online gamblers are attracted to the game of bingo because it is easy to play. You don’t need to learn any rules and game play is fast and straightforward, in fact the website does all the work for you. Another major draw to bingo are the big jackpots. Never has it been so easy to win such big prizes. But just how much can you expect to win?

The biggest free-to-play jackpot was 100,000 GBP. Yep, that’s right you didn’t have to pay a single penny to play but you stood the chance of winning 100,000 GBP. This amazing deal was from Costa Bingo and is by far the biggest of all its bingo bonuses. This was a once off, in celebration of its two-year anniversary, but every Friday you can play its 10,000 GBP bingo game for free too.

Obviously bingo bonuses depend on how many people play and regularly use the bingo site. The biggest bingo bonuses are also the hardest to win, as a bonus of 10,000 GBP will attract many more people than a bonus of 1,000 GBP. So your chances of winning could be reduced from say one in a hundred to one in a thousand.

However, bingo sites give millions of pounds away every month. Although each prize may be small, the total amount can be up to 15 million GBP per month with the largest bingo sites.

The size of bingo bonuses also depends on how much it costs to play and whether there are registration fees. Usually cards cost between 2p and 20p and the odds generally improve as the cost of the card increases.

Bingo bonuses also depend on frequency. Games that can be played at any time of the day usually pay out 10-100 GBP. But games that are run just once a week, such as the Costa Bingo 10,000 GBP Costa Crazy game, tend to offer bigger rewards.

Obviously the site you choose to play bingo on will largely be determined by how much you can win. But you should also take into account how much it costs to register, how many other people are likely to playing a game and whether the site offers any free bingo games and great incentives.

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